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Oh those Neighbors

May 8, 2014 Movie Reviews 3 Comments

Neighbors is the type of comedy that you’ve grown to expect from the talent that is featured in it. Seth Rogen has built a career out of playing the slightly awkward, somewhat endearing, average ‘Joe’ who manages to get himself into and out of a plethora of trouble.
The premise is simple and somewhat over explained in the trailers you have seen, new couple moves into a new neighbourhood and frat sets up shop next door to them. What happens next is a series of events that plays out like a bunch of scenes mashed together in hopes of finding cohesion.

What you will like : The comedy is fairly consistent and the laughs flow through the film with ease. The gags and situational comedy make way for some real laugh out loud moments and surprisingly both Zac Efron and Dave Franco have some great chemistry on set.

What you will struggle with : It’s never clear who we are really rooting for in the film. on one hand you want the College kids to simply have the ‘epic’ fun that they are attempting to have and on the other hand you just want the new couple to live in peace. The problem here is that you don’t have enough time to invest in either because the story doesn’t take enough time to develop into anything other than a ping pong game of who can out smart the other.

Finally : I admire what Seth has been able to do with his career and his interview on Howard Stern solidified to me that he is a lot smarter than the characters that he plays. I can’t figure out how no director has been able to convince him to shake his giggle which always gets in the way of differentiating his characters.

Who should see it : If you liked Pineapple Express or Superbad this fits in well with your sense of comedy.

Who should avoid it : It’s not really a date night movie more of a ‘lets get a bunch of people together and see it movie’ I will also warn new parents that you may cringe at some of the decisions the new couple make in the film – but hey it’s a movie right?

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  1. Julia Redd says:

    Can you follow me on twitter pls I want to ask you for an interview

  2. Gify says:

    No!!!! I want this to be so funny please tell me

  3. Like I said on twitter, I wanted to read this review and I’m glad I did. Thanks Mo!

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