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The Amazing Spider Man 2 – A Dad’s Review

May 2, 2014 Movie Reviews 7 Comments

The Amazing Spider Man 2 – Releases May 1st in North America

What you will like – There is quite a bit of non super hero story here, in fact it’s mostly a love story embedded in a super hero flick. The 3D is non intrusive but quite impressive. The action is steadily paced through a plot that is predictable yet interesting. You will also appreciate the breathing room between the onslaught of destruction that we’ve become numb to when watching this genre. Emma Stone is beautiful and useful in the plot and not just a side bar. It’s also a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has quite a few comedic moments. Andrew Garfield is a natural and has taken this character to another level and now officially owns it.

What you won’t like - There is a strong action sequence to start the film and an even stronger one to end the film but in between you may think that love is a little to prominent in the air. You may also struggle with the validity of Dane DeHann as the Green Goblin as they didn’t use him to his fullest evil potential. Paul Giamatti is under used (perhaps for another reason which I can’t give away here) and the sound track is so annoying that even Spider Man acknowledges it at one point in the film.
I hate to say it but Jamie Fox was mis -cast. He could have very easily been a stronger plot point in the film but I feel like his acting skills got lost in his larger than life character.

Parents – If your kid liked the first one there is a good chance he/she will like this one however I don’t think he/she think of the film as a step up, more of a continuation, which could be a good thing. Take a chance on the 3D if your child is 8 and up. Don’t make this the first super hero film that they see as it will be both confusing to follow and a little too ‘dramatic’ for them. The violence is on par with any other action/super hero flick and while it is lighter than the others it does have a few moments that will create conversations in the car ride home. The good news is your kids won’t need an ‘Avengers’ type primer to get into the flick.

Finally – I expect the film will open well, not sure if it will have the legs to out pace Captain America but it will definitely give it a run for it’s money. It will be interesting to see if it can last more than 1 week at numbers 1 considering the other big titles hitting screens in the next 2 weeks.

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  1. Arjun says:

    I’m still very curious to see if it can out do Captain America

  2. Johnny 5 says:

    The reviews are mixed but the movie will still be huge for Sony. Let’s hope it’s better than Xman

  3. Jill Awesome says:

    Mohit, I’m still a big SpiderMan fan and nothing you say can change that. Miss you on CBC

  4. Describe Films says:

    Why don’t people just stop reading reviews and get a life. It’s obvious that movies never live up to the hype so stop hyping them up. Listen to KCRW they do the best work

  5. Jamie says:

    Can you take a 5 yr old? Is it too violent ?

  6. FktheWorld says:

    I saw you when you saw this and you liked it more than you are letting people believe. Stop telling people lies

  7. Jillian says:

    Thank you for saving me my time and $$$

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