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The LEGO MOVIE – The Dad’s Review

February 6, 2014 Movie Reviews 3 Comments

The Lego Movie is one of the most anticipated films for kids of all ages. The movie has been buzzed about for quite some time now and so the expectations are high. So, taking a well-seasoned 5 year old to the screening was the real test to see if the film lives up to the hype.
To start with, the movie is the type of movie where the jokes fly off the screen at a mile a minute. The gags are none stop and the action enhances the 3D experience to not just a thrilling level, but also a unique one. I say this because right now the 3D action that dominates the big screen has a lot of similarities amongst itself. I can tell you first hand that this time around you are in for an original treat.
While the voices of some of Hollywood’s elite bring an identifiable aspect to the film (Will Ferral, Morgan Freeman), they don’t necessarily MAKE the film. Instead, the complicated yet entertaining visuals are the real secret to the success of the film.
My five year old who is a passive Lego fan, was glued the entire time and while the a dozen of the jokes were pop culture references that went over his head; he was still glued with a grin on his face. His favourite lines were delivered by the daft Dark Knight, who manages to steal many of the scenes he is in.
There are a few moments that made me question how the film was going to wrap up, but nothing that took away from the all-around entertainer that was The Lego Movie.

Bottom Line –
See it with your family for a good time.
Don’t see it if all you are hoping for is a cheesy animated type film

BO Expectations – The movie should open number 1 this weekend, as Monuments Men looks like it may suffer from Luke warm reviews.

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  1. Jenny Carves says:

    can’t wait to see this FLICK!!!!

  2. MakeEMSay says:

    Thanks so much Mohit, as usual you were right on :)

  3. Selma Sharma says:

    Can you please post your City TV movie reviews for us to see on here?

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